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What's New in Version 2.0.0


+ NEW Select Convex and Concave edges by angle
+ NEW Create UV Shells from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Create Smoothing Groups from UV Shells
+ NEW Create Multi-Material from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Now Smoothing Groups List update selected faces with Key imputs
+ NEW Select all faces using a given Smooth Group Bit
- Improved Callback Mechanics for faster feedback
- Improved Face/List syncronization up to 20 times faster
- Improved Smoothing Groups list autoscroll
- Improved buttons icons now display correct in Max 2017+ all buttons states
- Improved Optimizer automatically switches to level 4 if some elements fails
- Fixed bug in Convert Specified Edges
- Fixed bug in Set Soft wedges where intersected hard edges would get smootheed
- Fixed bug when setting sub-object level to 0 that left the scene redraw in an unstable state
- Fixed bug when enabling caddies would constantly cast events